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myTights : The Concept

mytights - collants - bas - tights - stockings

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mytights - collants - bas - tights - stockings

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myTights is the first tights subscription in Switzerland

"myTights offers you Freedom. The Freedom to take tights off your shopping list."

myTights - How does it work ?

Why myTights ?

To go with your or work dress elegantly, nothing is worth than the famous tights myTights in black or beige, in 20 or 40 Deniers, and their brothers, stockings in 15 Deniers. No need to move! Now, with a subscription system, you can receive at home or at your work place the tights that inspire you.

Our Tight Quality

We have worked to find the best quality on the market.

All our tights contain Lycra®

Lycra® is a synthetic fiber known for its exceptional elasticity

It's know to be one of the best fiber for tights!

We have tested our tights with many women who needed high quality tights for their daily job!

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30.- CHF

You are not sure yet ? Try our tights before subscribing !

You will receive 2 pairs (black and nude) of 20D tights, 1 pair of black 40D tights and a pair of black knee tights for 30CHF

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