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Personalized selection

Select the tights and knee tights amongst our exclusive selection and personnalize your subscription by choosing tights, stockings and knee-high you need

Simplify your life

We ship your tights at the date of your choice to make sure you never run out of tights. Never loose time again buying tights in the shop, subscribe and receive every month your tights directly at the place of your choice

No engagement

We strongly believe that our subscribers are feeling free when joining myTights. You are free to edit or pause your subscription at any moment without constraints

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Puchase your tights with ease

The service at myTights allows you to purchase tights, stockings and knee-highs without wasting any time. We attach great importance on the quality of our products. These have been validated by several active women already satisfied with our concept.

Our Commitment

A monthly delivery. Total flexibility. Tights of exceptional/guaranteed quality. A fixed price and no bad suprises. Here are our commitments to you.

Our tight quality

We have worked to find the best quality on the market.
All our tights contain Lycra
Lycra is a synthetic fiber known for its exceptional elastzicity.
It's known to be one of the best fiber for tights.
We have tested our tights with many women who needed high quality tights for their daily job.
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