How does it work ?
Choose your tights
Create your own subscribtion by choosing the tights you need. You already have a prefered brand, keep your habits without the constraints by adding them to your box
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Create your account under 3 minutes and don't ever run out of tights again. You will always have enough tights in your wardrobe.
We offer you a simple solution which allow you to suspend your subscription or modify it when you feel like or when you need it
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Receive every month your myTights box with your tights and stockings of your subscription directly at home or at the place of your choice. Choose amongst the 1st or the 15th of each month, the day you prefer to receive your tights.
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Enjoy every aspect of wearing tights without constraints ; you don't need anymore to go to the store to get the tights of your favorite brand.
Use your time for all the little things that matters !
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